Ask about our customized meat and cheese trays for your next event!

We support local businesses!  Our meat and cheese selection comes from Twin R Quality Meats (formerly Miller's Quality Meats) in Christiangsburg, Ohio.  If you are ever in need of good meat or meat-prep advice, we highly recommend Scott and his crew!
Give them a call at 937.857.9273

*all pricing shown is per pound unless otherwise specified*

Bowman Landis Turkey Breast: 11.99
Bluegrass Smoked Ham: 6.29
Roast Beef: 10.99
P&P Loaf: 4.49
Kahn's Bologna: 5.59
Salami: 8.49
Bacon: 8.19
Pepperoni: 6.09
American Cheese: 6.19
Baby Swiss Cheese: 6.19
Swiss Cheese: 6.19
Colby Cheese: 6.19
Colby-Jack Cheese: 6.19
Pepper Jack Cheese: 6.19
Provolone Cheese: 6.19
Diced Provolone/Mozzarella Cheese Blend: 5.89
Cheddar: 7.99
Chicken Salad: 6.49
Ham Salad: 6.49
Macaroni Salad: 3.50
Potato Salad: 4.50
Tomatoes: 2.25
Onions: 1.25/onion
Gallon Bag of Shredded Lettuce: 3.75/bag
Quart Bag of Shredded Lettuce: 2.75/bag
1/4-Pound Hamburger Patties: 1.50/patty
Sausage Patties: 1.00/patty

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